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News Updates

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RCS is a ministry of New Life Church in Renton
Calendar of Events

Sep2September 2 BASC and SLC Closed
Sep3September 3 Meet Your Teacher Day and BBQ
K-prep 10:00 - noon
Kindergarten  9 - 10:00am
1st - 6th grades 10:00 - noon
7th grade  11:00 am
8th grade  10:00 am
Sep4September 4 First Day of School
Sep10September 10 K-prep - 6th grade Back-to-School Night 7:00pm
Sep12September 12 6th - 8th Grade Back to School Night 7:00 pm
Sep16September 16-20September 16-20 Spiritual Emphasis Week
Sep20September 20 Spirit Day
Seattle Sports
Sep24September 24 RCS Picture Day
Sep25September 25-26September 25-26 SLC Picture Day
Sep25September 25 See Ya At The Pole 8:10am
Time of prayer for our country, government and school
Oct3October 3 Jog-A-Thon Assembly  2:00 pm
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